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Cleaning and hygiene
Hygiene- / Disinfection articles
Dishwashing machines, glass washing machines
Hood dishwashers, dishwasher baskets
Cleaning agents, rinsing agents, rinse aids, polis
Insect protection
Hand dryers, paper and soap dispensers, hairdryers
Cooling and presentation
Showcases / Sales units / Salad bars
Refrigerators / Glass door cabinets / Chest freeze
Ventilated Wine Cooler
Dry Age refrigerators
Barcooler / Bar Refrigerators
Saladettes, cooling tables
Preparation table / Pizza table
Refrigerated table top displays
Freezers / Freezing counters
Ice cube machine
Shock Freezer / Cold and freezing room
Ice Cream Machine
Preparation cold
Dough processing
Meat processing
Vegetable processing
Stick blender, blender
Cheese grater, can opener
Cutting, electric slicers, cutting accessories
Slicing discs f. vegetable cutter
French Fries Cutter
Vacuumizer, HACCP stickers
Portioning funnel, pastry filler
Preparation hot
Semi-professional stoves / Gascookers
Professional cooking line / Kettle / Tilting fryin
Hot counters / Hot showcases
Roasting / Grilling / Cooking
Toaster / Salamander
Warming / Bain Marie / Hot Dog
Fooddryer / convection ovens and combi steamers
Pizza ovens, Pizza oven accessories
Buffet and banquet
Cold plates, hot plates
Heating bridges, buffet lamps
Banquet trolley - heated / Bainmarie Trolley
Sauce dispenser hot and cold, soup kettle, Chafing
Coffee and drinks
Hot chocolate, tea, hot wine and waterboilers
Coffee machines and accessories
Drink dispenser
Stainless steel articles
Sink units, dishwasher tables, fittings
Hand wash basin
Cabinets, stainless steel wall cupboards, sliding
Wall top shelves, shelves, stainless steel cleaner
Gastronorm containers and grids
Transport and storage / Hotel
Plate rack
Waste bins, ashtrays
GN-trolleys, tray trolleys, transport trolleys
Hotel- / laundry trolley / minibars
Barrier posts / Belt post systems
Insulated container, container trolley
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Saro Gastro-Products GmbH

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Saro Gastro-Products GmbH – Catering Equipment

Is a leading supplier of catering equipment and professional kitchen technology. Through our local partners our products are used worldwide by restaurants, hotel, catering, professional kitchens, retail, petrol stations and such. Saro is represented all over the world since 1971 as a partner of resellers of catering equipment, cash and carry stores, retailchains and shopbuilders.

We promise you: we make quality affordable. This is the slogan that we live every day. From our 10.000+ sqm warehouse we ship quickly worldwide with a 2 year warranty. Of course spareparts are available for a minimum of 10 years.

Discover our product range of catering equipment from A to Z online (www.saro.de) or visit our head-office in Emmerich, you are always most welcome! Please feel free to contact our team anytime!



The electric BBQ grill for a unique grillng experience...

Saro Catalogue Nr. 35

Saro Catalogue Nr. 35

The new Saro catalogue nr. 35 has been released...



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